Brian Claypool, Esq.

Brian Claypool

We just finished a very riveting interview with attorney, Brian Claypool. He is not only an attorney representing many of the victims but he is himself a survivor from that night. Not sure, but I think this might be the first episode of this series. You can follow him @Brian_Claypool on Twitter.

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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    Saw you on Crowdsource the Truth with Jason Goodman. Thank You for coming on with Joe Napoli, not only a fellow Oct. 1st survivor, but also a survivor of the rounds of bannings by Youtube…..Youtube, who is working for the SES/Bus/Clinton/Obama Shadow Government. Joe lost a decade’s of work/investigations and they are trying to do the same to Jason. Occultist Douglas Gabriel (real name? or does he think he’s an angel/messenger?) of AIM (American Intelligence Media) Threatened jason Goodman that he was Going DOWN and sure enough, Jason’s March 30th Interview with Ole Dammegard (expert investigating false flag events for 30 years) was taken down before the day was out! Ole showed the permit for the 3/24 March that was applied for 4 MONTHS ago, Last Year! it was all planned, staged.


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